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Sew Ottawa! HST Week 2 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 3/18]

And we are out of the gate!  Everyone is off to a smashing start with their first blocks. I truly enjoyed seeing each completed block from Week 1. I'm loving your fabric choices and your blocks are gorgeous! Thanks so much for your feedback as we walk through this together. Keep it coming. For those of you not in our local Facebook Group, Colleen of Sewing for Sawyer kindly summarized some extra thoughts here.
Week 2 Sponsor! We (the Ottawa Sewing Community) are so spoiled with amazing resources, businesses and talent. One local business that should be on your radar is The Ottawa Sewing Centre. They have kindly agreed to be our HST Week 2 Sponsor and have kindly donated a cute tin packed with Beissel sewing machine and serger needles. The Ottawa Sewing Centre is owned by Yasmin and her husband Zuher. They are Brother, Babylock and Juki dealers, Zuher is a fully trained technician and together they stock some brilliant supplies. I personally like to pick up my essentials here and …

Sew Ottawa! HST Week 1 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 2/18]

I hope this week finds you well.

I haven't had an overly productive sewing week, however I did had a productive fabric-collecting week! A few local quilt shops had an annual sale and Miss Evy-Pop and I were lucky enough to check them out.

Yes, I did find some pretty new treasures, but I also had some productive discussion about half square triangles. There are so many ways to accomplish this look and I am excited to share a few new-to-me tricks with you all as we walk through this sew-a-long.

Are you ready for Block #1?  Colleen Fifield of Sewing for Sawyer, has put together a beautiful tutorial for us. You can follow her by clicking the link. I will embed her info in this post as well for ease of access.


From Colleen (or read it here)

Thank you everyone so much for joining us! The response to our little sew-a-long has been incredible and heart warming, we appreciate everyone so much for being here with us. Here are the important details to note before you get started: Fab…

"Let's Do a Sew-A-Long!" [HST Sew-A-Long 2018 1/18]

Let's Do a Sew-A-Long I am so lucky to be surrounded by many enthusiastic makers, both online and local to me.  We have daily cheeky chats and sometimes we talk about sewing (or stash collecting haha). This community has made this whole process so enjoyable for me. 
A couple of weeks ago, I received a little message from my friend, Colleen Fifield of Sewing for Sawyer, asking my opinion on starting up a little online, local, general, sewing group. This has been something I had been hoping for, so of course I was all for it. "Sew Ottawa!" was created. 

The group has been an incredibly positive space, full of creativity and enthusiasm. Many members have had an interest in quilting. A few days after the launch of our group, Colleen reached out suggesting we do a Sew-A-Long on the basics of the Half Square Triangle Quilt. 
So here we go folks! We've put together a sew-a-long tutorial that will give you enough blocks to make a lap-sized quilt. We have selected an assortm…