Sew Ottawa! HST Week 10 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 11/18]

Let's Get Sashy!
It was March Break for many of us this week and I know it was hard to get to the sewing machine. Many of us were travelling, or were quarantined with the great flu of 2018. Kudos to everyone who completed blocks or chimed in to encourage each other. We made it through.

You should now have 13 blocks in your Work-In-Progress (WIP) bin. If you're just joining us, you have 13 templates for block options. We set out to complete 16 different blocks. Today we will go through the last 3 blocks of the Sew-A-Long. We will also talk about optional sashing. I know, I know... this is a lot to discuss. Continue along at your own pace. There is lots to discuss coming up and so you will have time to catch up later if you complete less this week.
Week 10 Giveaway! Colleen kindly crafted this adorable teacup pincushion for this week's giveaway. I love it so much! the Dresden plate on the top reminds me of the sweetest little flower. I can use any reminder of Spring that I c…

Sew Ottawa! HST Week 9 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 10/18]

The Home Stretch! Huge thank you to Colleen for helping me out and writing two weeks in a row My family was hit with the terrible flu that was going around. It is now week 3 and I am still going to bed fairly early, but at least I'm up and about!

This week's prize for participants is a cute little Retreat Bag. I made this from a free pattern by Emmaline Bags. It is the small size, with internal wire frames installed (you can also purchase them locally at Mad About Patchwork or Fabric Crush. It's a quick and simple project that everyone here could complete with ease. I love how multi-functional they are, and serve as fantastic gifts!

Let's take inventory! Together, we have covered many transferable skills in this sew-a-long. I think we should take a moment to celebrate what we've learned so far:

Source supplies for a quilt top (fabrics, threads, the difference between yardage and precuts and how to decide how much we need)What a half square triangle is and different…

Sew Ottawa! HST Week 7&8 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 8/18 and 9/18]

See below for more from Colleen in Weeks 7 & 8 Sew Ottawa! Sew-a-Long Week 8 Welcome to Week 8 of the quilt-a-long! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful blocks with us last week! You guys are doing amazing! Are you finding it’s getting easier to get your points lined up? It’s all starting to come together! Last week our prize was a Moda Charm Pack and Mini Charm Pack. Our winner was Erica Prince! Congratulations Erica! This week our prize is this cute little hexi pillow cushion cover pattern (pattern only) from Tania. Tania and I are working on the Mug Rug Tutorial – we are going to tie it into the blog post about binding your quilt – you can’t make a mug rug until you know how to bind a quilt! Lots of fun stuff coming up for you all! Have you thought at all about the back of your quilt? What are you going to put on the back of this pretty that you have spent 3 months working on? There are a lot of options! I am a sheet junkie, as in, I see a pretty sheet set that I think would…

Sew Ottawa! HST Week 6 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 7/18]

Welcome to Week 6! You have some serious quilt real estate happening now. You might feel equally excited because things are looking "quilty" and overwhelmed because there has been so much work and still no snuggly blanket! Keep at it, we'll soon get to talking about putting the top together and the whole quilting process.

Last week, Colleen generously offered up a Frixion Pen and Colour Catchers! I use these in my in sewing room often. I use Colour Catchers with each wash of new fabrics. I also gift one sheet with every quilt I gift with a little note.

Speaking of gifted quilts - have you considered adding a quilt tag to your finished project? I love adding these to mine as that final personal touch. If this interests you, start thinking about what you might want to do. You can just hand write a message, sign and date using a fabric marker (I thought this one was cute). You can use your printer and freezer paper as another method. You could contact someone like Labelici…

Sew Ottawa! HST Week 5 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 6/18]

Hi all! Colleen has an awesome week 5 prepared for you all.  From Colleen at Sewing for Sawyer.  Welcome to week 5! You guys are doing so amazing and your quilts are coming together nicely! At this point we should have all have 5 blocks and we will be adding 2 more this week – almost halfway there if you aren’t quite caught up yet that’s ok, we will have some time at the end to get caught up. Last week we had a wonderful prize donated from Jenna-Rae at Fabric Crush. Thank you Jenna-Rae! The winner was Christa Fine with her beautiful Purple blocks! This week our prize is a box of Shout Colour Catchers and two FriXion pens – perfect for all the HSTs we are doing!! This week we are going to talk about lining up points and keeping seams lined up. It has been brought up a lot on the weekly threads so I thought we could go over a few tips. Cutting and Sewing. Make sure you are starting with your 3.5″ blocks and they are not misshaped or the wrong size, a 1/16th of an inch can make a big dif…