Sew Ottawa! HST Week 6 [HST Sew-a-long 2018 7/18]

Welcome to Week 6!

You have some serious quilt real estate happening now. You might feel equally excited because things are looking "quilty" and overwhelmed because there has been so much work and still no snuggly blanket! Keep at it, we'll soon get to talking about putting the top together and the whole quilting process.

Last week, Colleen generously offered up a Frixion Pen and Colour Catchers! I use these in my in sewing room often. I use Colour Catchers with each wash of new fabrics. I also gift one sheet with every quilt I gift with a little note.

Speaking of gifted quilts - have you considered adding a quilt tag to your finished project? I love adding these to mine as that final personal touch. If this interests you, start thinking about what you might want to do. You can just hand write a message, sign and date using a fabric marker (I thought this one was cute). You can use your printer and freezer paper as another method. You could contact someone like Labelicious, from Montreal, to create you some custom tags. Another personal favourite is Deep Grain, located in Toronto. Whatever you choose, I think these little tags are the perfect finishing embellishment to any quilted project.

This Week's Prize!

This week's winner will win a beautiful Mug Rug from Colleen and a very cheeky #SewOttawa mug from yours truly! Check out the group for details.

The Block

Let's get down to it. The BLOCK! 

This week's block is a geometric beauty. I prepared mine with all solids from the same colour family as an accent, and Kona Snow as my main. The result is very angular and bold. The more texture your fabric has, the softer the end result will be. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

By now, you've seen the quilt deconstructed into blocks and then again into the bare, individual work steps that comprise those blocks. There really isn't any magic to this. Just keep working with your matching and quarter foot to master the 1/4" seam allowance and also with your iron to perfect your pressing skills (admittedly, this is something I'm enjoying working on, myself).

Other Off Topic Cuteness

I won a Sewing Machine from The Fabric Snobs!!! I still can't even believe it! A review blog post is to come, because it's pretty great!

I received a box of goodies from Sarah's Cloth and Accessories today, full of cute pieces for my girls.

If you're unaware of Sarah's Cloth, it is owned by Nikki Dodge in Strathroy, Ontario. I discovered Nikki's shop when I was super pregnant. I bought ALL the matching rompers for the girls in preparation for our growing family. We absolutely love them. We will forever get to see this particular one as it marks the day my little poppet pulls up to stand! Way to go kiddo!

Can't wait to see your blocks!!


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